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Founded in 2013, by fitness and outdoor enthusiast Danielle M. Reyes, Yoga Hikes is an active, fun, and social way to have a cardio-based yoga experience while exploring the great outdoors of the Metro DC area.  Our Urban and Nature Yoga Hikes combine the cardio benefits of well-paced hiking with the strengthening moves of yoga for an intimate group workout that is accessible to yoga practitioners of all levels.  Yoga Hikes are led by certified yoga instructors who will keep you moving, provide hands-on assists, and help you advance your yoga practice.  Instructors are also knowledgeable trail guides who will take you on routes that combine hills, stairs, and distance for a great overall workout.  Yoga Hikes are limited to 12-15 participants to foster a fun social atmosphere and ensure that you have the attention you need for the best possible experience.  So if you are looking for something awesome to do outdoors, want to explore more of Washington, DC, are ready to go beyond the bike trail in Rock Creek Park, or just love taking on new fitness challenges, come join us for a #YogaHike!

18998_1159214417425760_3968509217852454226_nWhat is a Yoga Hike?

Yoga Hikes are approximately 90 minutes and explore both urban neighborhoods and nature trails in and around Washington, DC.  Hikes typically have three 15 minute YogaStops, (about 45 minutes of yoga total) with three stretches of trail hiking in between each stop.  We have come up with a variety of interesting Urban and Nature Hikes designed to engage you physically and mentally in a scenic outdoor setting.  Urban Yoga Hikes build off of the energy of the city while discovering secluded green spaces.  While Nature Yoga Hikes take advantage of the serenity of the fields, river banks, and amazing wildlife of this region.  For more details and logistics on our Yoga Hikes click here.

How do I go on a Yoga Hike? *

Yoga Hikes DC are scheduled as private groups. Private groups can be organized at any time of the year!  Contact us directly at danielle@yogahikesdc.com or (202) 670-6120, to request a customized Yoga Hike experience tailored for the interests of your private group (up to 15 people). *Unfortunately, Yoga Hikes DC is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yoga HIkes for all!

Where do we Yoga Hike?

Yoga Hikes start from four locations: 2 Nature Yoga Hikes in Rock Creek Park and 2 Urban Yoga Hikes in Rosslyn, VA and Dupont Circle.  Get details on parking, restrooms, and specific directions here and in your registration confirmation and reminder emails!
Nature Yoga Hikes in Rock Creek Park start in:
* Woodley Park at 24th and Calvert Streets NW
* Peirce Mill at Tilden St. and Shoemaker St. NW off of Beach Drive.
Urban Yoga Hikes start in:
* Rosslyn, VA at Rosslyn Business Improvement District‘s office facing Gateway Park.
* Dupont Circle, DC on the west lawn (between CVS and the fountain)

Take Your Yoga Outdoors!TYYO


Are you all still not doing hikes/yoga? I am looking for an event for my team at work – there would be about 15 folks – is there anyway to do just outdoor yoga or some version of hike/yoga if you are open? I was looking at July 23rd. Please let me know 202-765-1488

I’m so sorry for the late response. As we are not able to lead Yoga Hikes DC this season, I have not been checking this as closely as in the past. SOME is a great organization and I hope you were able to find another yoga or outdoor opportunity through a studio by your location.


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