We Love What People are Saying about Yoga Hikes on Yelp!

Yelp LogoWe want Yoga Hikes to be the best experience it can be, so we take your reviews and feedback to heart!  After only 4 weeks in operation we are thrilled that participants have jumped right onto Yelp to share their positive experiences.  Not only is there a great diversity of voices and experiences expressed in these reviews, we’ve heard from 20-somethings to 40 somethings, and representatives from Maryland, DC, and Virginia!   Better yet, of the 7 reviews posted thus far we’ve maintained a 5 out of 5 stars rating!  Thank you!!

Haven’t seen the reviews?  Here’s a sneak peek!

Zack M. thinks – This is going to be the new thing in DC. It’s a good workout, takes place outside, and you get to be social during the hike. We went on the Pierce Mill  route, an hour and a half of hills and beautiful scenery. Danielle, the owner/instructor, is incredibly knowledgeable both about the area (ask her for suggestions on other hiking trails) and yoga. We stopped along the creek, at the top of a hill in a blooming field, and next to the Boulder Bridge for yoga breaks. This is a perfect way to start a weekend and especially great to do with friends or as a couple.

Melody F. writes – I went on my first yoga hike two week ago and I absolutely loved it. I took an Urban Yoga hike which started at Dupont Circle. I’m a plus sized fitness enthusiast and at first I thought it would be awkward to preform yoga in the middle of DC. However, the instructor Danielle was great about reminding us to move with breath, focus on shutting out the outside world, and focus on the pose. I’ve taken a few yoga classes but am still a beginner and I found the 15 minute yoga sessions challenging but do-able.  Once again, Danielle was very good at urging us to try our best, and find the fullest expression of each pose…I had a really fun and positive experience and I will definitely go on another yoga hike again soon.

According to new intern in town, Shannon S. – Just did my first yoga hike (Woodley/Dumbarton Oaks) and really loved it!  I will definitely come back to explore different parks and areas of dc.  I’m an avid hiker, but a yoga beginner and loved the combination of the two activities.  The hiking portions were pretty fast paced, and kept your heartrate up whereas the yoga helped you to relax.  Danielle was great, and very knowledgeable about the areas and yoga.  While hiking, we were all able to socialize and learned a little about the areas we were hiking through as well.  A yoga hike is definitely a great way to start your weekend!FULLLOGO-1

Park enthusiast Cara S. shares – Just did my first ever yoga hike with Danielle…and it will not be my last!  I did the 90 minute Nature Yoga Hike in Rock Creek Park and enjoyed every minute.  Danielle is a great yoga instructor and I was surprised at how much yoga I could actually practice without a mat in the great outdoors.  She’s also a good motivator to keep those legs moving up and down the hills and provides technique advice throughout the 90 minutes.  The hike took me through parts of Rock Creek I had never explored, and I’m certainly going to go back with my pup who will love exploring those trails.  I admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of exercise I got in the 90 minutes…she keeps you moving!

First time yogi Clayton L keeping it simple says – My first yoga class ever –Awesome!!!

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The Making of an Urban Yoga Hike

When you go on a Yoga Hike, there are several things we want to be sure you experience.

  • a great yoga flow
  • a good dose of heart pumping cardio, and
  • a really good time outdoors

For these things to occur, its important that the trails we select offer the perfect mix of inclines and interest!  Urban Yoga Hikes are roughly 90 minutes and we want to maximize that time and get you moving through the city.  We start with 15 minutes of yoga at our first “Yoga Stop” and then hike for approximately 15 minutes to get to our next Yoga Stop and repeat this rotation.

The first priority is to find Yoga Stops that are both special and functional places.  On a Nature Hike you can expect to stop in open fields, along the river, or clearings in the woods.  Urban Hikes have more variables!  On Urban Hikes we’ll bring you to public green spaces that offer natural beauty and ample space for participants to stretch out and move.  Of course, practicing yoga in the city means hearing and seeing kids playing, dogs barking, and cars driving by…but you’ll also enjoy the sky above and the dirt and grass beneath your feet.  Combined, it’s all great energy for your practice!

Secondly, we want you to see something new on every hike.  We opt for side streets that are quiet and charming and pull us away from the traffic of downtown.  If we can take you down a street with great architecture, historic homes, or public art that you’ve never noticed before, all the better!

With all of this in mind, we’re very excited about our Dupont/Kalorama Urban Yoga Hike.  On this hike you’ll climb the Spanish Steps, pass the home of the French Ambassador, and possibly flow to the sounds of a pick up basketball on the court at Kalorama Park.  In fact, we’re so pleased with this trail, we thought we’d give you a sneak peak!

Dupont Circle fountain

Spanish Steps full (592x800)

Mitchell Park Circle (800x600)







French Amassador's residence (800x600)Bench in Kalorama Park

Kalorama Recreation Center
Starting in mid-May 2013, you can sign up to join us for this Dupont/Kalorama Urban Hike (90 minutes) on select weeknights .  You can also pull together your own group and schedule a privately guided hike with us.  For more information email danielle@yogahikesdc.com or call (202) 670-6120

See you on a Yoga Hike!