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Curious about Yoga Hikes?  We absolutely love this article by The Washington Post’s Vicky Hallett!  Read below or check out the online article to read more of Vicky Hallett’s pieces on fitness in the DC area http://www.readexpress.com/2013/09/the-biggest-studio-in-d-c/ The Biggest Studio in D.C. Yoga Hikes move off the mat and explore parks across the city By Vicky Hallett Posted on September 10, 2013 When Danielle Reyes cues her students to reach up to the sky, they really can. Before starting class, yoga instructor Danielle Reyes is sure to share this pearl of wisdom with her students: “Look down and make sure your hands won’t touch anything sharp or unpleasant.” That’s because instead of standing on a wood floor, the group is on top of grass, dirt and twigs — and possibly some surprises. The scenery is always changing on Yoga Hikes, which Reyes launched this spring to give Washingtonians a different…

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