Washingtonian’s Fitness Bloggers Review Yoga Hikes DC

                    Fitness Class Review: Yoga Hikes DC The new fitness program leads a hike through DC and Rock Creek Park interspersed with mini yoga sessions. By Melissa Romero Danielle Reyes leads a small group of hikers through a 15-minute yoga session in Montrose Park. It’s all part of the new program Yoga Hikes DC. Photographs […]

No Mats Necessary and Other YHDC Details

Do I need to bring a mat?  Can I participate if I’m new to yoga?  How far do we hike? All good questions and we appreciate you asking! The most commonly asked question to date has definitely been, “Do I need to bring a mat?”  Great news!  You do NOT need to bring a yoga mat […]

How My Yoga Practice Made it’s Way into the Woods

Surrounded by lush green vegetation with the sound of the waves in the distance, I experienced my first full yoga class outdoors and it was transformative. Moving through our poses amid the fresh air and beauty of the outdoors seemed like the most natural thing in the world. I remember saying, “I would practice yoga every day, if it was outdoors!”