Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a mat?  Can I bring my dog?  What happens if it’s raining…please read on for the answers to these and other relevant questions!

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Levels of Difficulty

1.  How hard is this?  Yoga Hikes is designed to be an active workout.  It blends the stretching and strengthening moves of yoga with the cardio of an active paced hike.  Though the Vinyasa based yoga is open level and accessible for most learners, the hiking must keep an active pace and some hikes are considered moderate to difficult level (see descriptions of specific hikes).  The hills, steps, and uneven terrain will test and engage your core, balance and stability skills.   

2.  What if I want to go on a leisurely Yoga Hike?  Is that an option?  Yes!  We offered customized/tailored Yoga Hikes for private groups (friend hikes, book clubs, bridal parties, alumni clubs, associations, etc.) of up to 12 people.  These Yoga Hikes can be 90 – 120 minutes and tailored to meet the needs, interest, and pace of your group.  If you are interested in scheduling a private hike, please contact (202) 670-6120.

What to Bring…and What Not to Bring

1.  Do I need to bring a mat or other equipment?  Nope!  Your instructor will have  yoga mat square for every participant to be used during the final YogaStop.  Other equipment such as blocks and straps are not necessary.  We will offer modifications for all poses to accommodate all participants. 

2.  Is there a place to store my bag?  We use public spaces for our Yoga Hikes, so there is no storage for bags or purses.  It is recommended that you carry only identification, keys, emergency cash, and a cell phone…basically what you can carry in pockets or in a fannypack/trail pack.  Your instructor will have a large backpack, but can only carry small essentials for students.  You will have to carry anything that you do bring with you. 

3.  Are there bathrooms along the hikes?  Yes and no.  It’s best to be prepared not to be able to make a bathroom pit-stop.  However, on the Pierce Mill Nature Hike and the Meridien Park Urban Hike there are public restrooms.  The other Yoga Hikes do not pass by public restrooms. 

4.  Is there a place to change my clothes?  Not usually.  You should arrive for your Yoga Hike ready to hike wearing closed toe shoes and whatever clothes you feel most comfortable practicing yoga in.  The one exception is the Pierce Mill Nature Hike, which starts at a location where there are public restrooms.

5.  Can I bring my dog?  Unfortunately, we’ve tried this during our testing phase and it did not go well!  As much as I love dogs, they are not able to join us on Yoga Hikes.  Sorry pups!

Rates and Cancellation Policy

1.  How much does it cost?  The drop in rate is $25.  However we offer packages of 3 to 5 Yoga Hikes at discounted rates.  From time to time we will also offer a short-term special.  For our current rates please visit our Rates page at  For a private group rate, please contact as rates vary depending on the length of the hike and size of the group.  Private groups are always given a discounted rate.

2.  What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?  In the event you must cancel please do so with 24 hours notice as Yoga Hikes does not offer refunds.  However, for reservations cancelled with more than 24 hours we will issue a credit to  your account so that you can go on another hike at any time during the season.  You can also transfer that hike to another individual if you choose.  We do not offer credit or refunds for reservations cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

3.  What happens if it’s raining?  In the event of extreme or inclement weather (heavy rain, thunder/lightening, code red air quality), Yoga Hikes will be cancelled and your account will be credited for one hike to be used at any time during the season. 

Safety First

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.  Please review the liability waiver closely and know that you are agreeing to being physically able to perform the yoga and hiking necessary to participate in a Yoga Hikes workout at your own risk.  This is a cardio workout that includes, stairs, hills, uneven terrain, and trails that are moderate to difficult in level.

1.   Are there any precautions I should take before and while on a Yoga Hike?  Yes.  First, please be sure you are physically healthy enough and have a doctor’s approval to participate in a Yoga Hike.  Second, PLEASE wear closed toe fitness shoes.  Consider applying sunblock and bug spray (your instructor will likely have some).  Light colors are recommended as are hats or visors.  Please come hydrated and consider bringing a water bottle. 

2.  What happens if the weather is bad?   In the event of extreme or inclement weather (heavy rain, thunder/lightening, code red air quality), Yoga Hikes will be cancelled and your account will be credited for one hike to be used at any time during the season. 

3.  I’m just getting over an injury, can I still come?  We recommend being 100% well before coming on a Yoga Hike.  Having injuries that will inhibit your stability, balance, or ability to keep pace with the group will not make for a positive workout experience for you or the group.  Yoga Hikes must keep an active pace in order to hit all three YogaStops in 90 minutes.  Please join us when you are 100% ready to fully participate. 


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